Levels of Care

There are various levels of hospice care. This ranges from hospice care provided in the patient’s home, to a skilled nursing or medical facility of the patient’s choice.

Wherever hospice care is provided-our team of compassionate medical professionals are focused on providing the patient with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support they desire.

Levels of Hospice Care

Alliance Hospice Care offers four levels of hospice care. The level of care that we provide is based upon the individual’s unique needs, and is delivered in the setting that is most appropriate and comfortable.

The levels of hospice care are as follows:

  • Routine Care

Routine care is provided at the patient’s place of residence. It could be in their home or a relative’s home, a skilled nursing or long-term care facility, an assisted living community, or some other residential setting. Regular visits from members of a “Care team” are provided, based upon your specific needs. As your needs change, care team members may adjust their visits to ensure the best care possible.

  • Inpatient Care

If symptoms cannot be safely managed in a home or other residential setting, you may require a higher level of care in an inpatient setting. Inpatient care is provided in a skilled nursing facility, a hospital, or possibly a hospice inpatient unit. Once symptoms are under control, you may return to your home under the routine level of care

  • Respite Care

Some patients receive care from their own caregivers. Respite services may be provided because caregivers, at times, are not able to provide all the care necessary, or may not consistently be able to provide care. In addition, caregivers sometimes arrange respite care services because they need a rest from their care giving responsibilities

  • Continuous Care

Continuous care services are needed when a medical crisis occurs that demands close attention. When this happens, skilled care may be brought into your home for up to 24 hours with the goal of averting the need for a hospital visit. When the crisis is over, patients typically return to the routine care level

How Can We Help?

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